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November 8, 2011


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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 8, 2011, 4:45 AM
I haven't updated this thing in months! Old age must be getting to me ^^' I'll probably be taking a few cosplay or drawing commissions from now on, my first being provided by the lovely :iconjenovas-angel: for her OC Savannah's steampunk gear. If anyone else wants something commissioned then do let me know~

SO! updates eh? Well jeez, I've missed out a lot. I've been to more cons and events this year than cosplay Jesus, starting with LFCC, where X-men and FernGully cosplay happened, and the derping was COLOSSAL. I met Mr Darren Rowley, who I honestly can't praise enough. His photos are fantastic, please refer to my X-23 photos for proof. Literally, he managed to squeeze so many top quality photos out in no time at all, and made me and the girls feel like royalty doing it. I had huge fun meeting :iconjenovas-angel:, :iconnyx-xiii:, and getting to know :iconmanticoreex: and the gang better. You guys rock my world eternally. Was great fun hanging out with all the usual suspects too. Yes, :iconchatterpiexiii: :iconruxtano:, I'm talking about you two.

And then of course HyperJapan and LAC rolled around, where we bid on slaves, herped and derped all over the Japanese food, squealed like a teenage girl trying on their first bra, and then proceeded to get thoroughly molestinated through dog-piling on Sian's floor. I can't express enough how radical this summer was, and I wish I had more video to prove it.

AND THEN. uni started.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Oh, that picture is pretty cool, I'm proud of mysel--AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

and then October MCM decided it was time to rape my face off. I managed to Get Firion and Rin cosplay done, AND go up on stage without hurling my breakfast up. (breakfast? what breakfast? It's a con you fool! YOU DON'T NEED TO EAT!) It was pure epicness. I haven't enjoyed an MCM like that in forever. I wish I'd seen more people, but love to all the peeps who I did manage to meet up with, and even bigger over to those whom I didn't. *I will get you next time*. The FFR Group was epic, and I got promoted :D Photos will be coming soon, hopefully ^^'

Love to all you guys.

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ManticoreEX Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Student Digital Artist
DAW! AHHH DAW! You ledge! I keep mentioning you often in ym Journies..(Wish they'd let me know when SOMEONE mentions me on this bloody damned site) But I'm glad you had uber fun! And the start of a Brilliant Exposed Cosplay Career! <3
AQuietRiot Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
:,D We will be faaaaabulous!
NarutosGirlfriend13 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I'd totally commision a Squall cosplay...but my parents...:iconihateitplz:
AQuietRiot Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
awww...well mebbe one day then XD
NarutosGirlfriend13 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yes! And I could cosplay with you...wait where do you live?!
AQuietRiot Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011
ENGLAND<3! Down the southern bit :/

I would love more squall's to kidnap >D
NarutosGirlfriend13 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
And I live in New York. Shit. And I'd like nothing more than for you to kidnap me. And you have MORE than one?!
AQuietRiot Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
I dooo! It's because Seifer cosplayers are such a rare breed nowadays we get to hog squallies like no tomorrow >D Well come over and visit sometime~ find out how it all goes down in london town XDD
NarutosGirlfriend13 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
They are indeed. I would be a fem Squall~ Oh, London does sound like fun!
AQuietRiot Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
Fem Squall<3 boobies! XD

It is fun when you're with friends~
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